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 Laws of this forum(Including 1 on 1)- claimed

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Laws of this forum(Including 1 on 1)- claimed Empty
PostSubject: Laws of this forum(Including 1 on 1)- claimed   Laws of this forum(Including 1 on 1)- claimed EmptySun Jun 19, 2011 8:42 am

Right, I'm taking charge of this forum, so we set down some rules.

Card Contest Rules:
1) State any requirements for the contest. This should be pretty obvious.
2) Post a finishing date of the contest/round. Again pretty obvious.
3) One contest may be hosted at once.
4) State prizes if any.
5) There is no limit to how many contestants.
6) You may disqualify members for braking contest rules, which should be stated.

1 on 1 rules:
1) State Prizes if any.
2) State a due date for cards to be made by.
3) You may be part of any number of 1 on 1's.
4) The public chooses and votes for their favourite card. They MUST give reasons for it.
5) Set a number of votes to win (example: First to 3 votes wins)

1) Post [H18] in the title if you will include Hentai pictures.
2) Mods may lock any contests.
3) cheaters are not tolerated.
4) Post 'Lock' or 'finished' in the title so a mod can lock the thread.

-Try not to make your contest overly complicated.
-Having co-hosts/other judges makes the contest go by easier.
-If you do not think you know well enough to judge well, have open judge slots.
-Be nice to your contestants, they joined after all.
- Prizes could be anything; a render, drawing or whatever.
Have I missed anything?
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Laws of this forum(Including 1 on 1)- claimed
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