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 [Daemon] Poem - Time to Forget

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[Daemon] Poem - Time to Forget Empty
PostSubject: [Daemon] Poem - Time to Forget   [Daemon] Poem - Time to Forget EmptySun Jun 19, 2011 3:19 pm

Just a question to begin the start of it all.
The answer made my heart fall.

I still never stopped thinking.
You were there every time I was blinking.

Maybe I was too late to ask.
Now I feel as if I need to hide behind a mask.

I kept my head up and a smile came through.
This feeling was quite new.

Should I continue to reminisce,
What I am about to miss?

I am wasting my time with it.
Let it go and just quit.

Every moment wasted just to spend some with you.
Now, I wish I could just undo.

The answer was always in someway no.
After that, I began to feel like dough

Easily it was to get this feeling.
It is even harder healing.

I made a choice that became a bet.
But now I just feel that it is time to forget.
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[Daemon] Poem - Time to Forget
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