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 Club Rules

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Mr. Striker

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Club Rules Empty
PostSubject: Club Rules   Club Rules EmptyTue Jun 21, 2011 2:23 am

1. It is recommended that clubs have a topic. Scratch that, if it doesn't have a topic, take it to spam. You can change topics, but if you do it too much, take it to spam.
2. You can have as many clubs as you are able to run.
3. Once we get enough activity, I'll post up a Featured Club Application. This will show a club that has deserved to be stickied. They will be up there for 3/4 months.
4. No Hentai in this section of Clubs. If you have a club based on Hentai here, I'll warn you and move it to XXX Clubs.
5. I have the right to add rules as I go.
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Club Rules
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