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 Vampire Knights (Tittle TBA)

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PostSubject: Vampire Knights (Tittle TBA)   Vampire Knights (Tittle TBA) EmptyTue Jun 21, 2011 8:36 pm

This is only going to be the uneditted first chapter and the Intro so far. Within a week or so I'll have it spell checked and grammer corrected along with chapter two and an actualy tittle. Enjoy =3
Intro: It was raining. The ground was covered in slush as it rained. The sky was dark and the clouds meshed together. A young boy was running on the side walk, he turned through a large gate that lead to a large dark building. As the boy was running through the building, his brown hair waved around violently. There was blood all over the place and a good trail of it lead up a large flight of stairs. The boy grew tears in his eyes as he shook his head and started to walk up the stairs. In his head, he kept asking himself were his parents were, how whould his brother let this happen. He reached the end of the stairs and followed the path of blood. He tried to insure himself by thinking that his parents and his brother were to strong to die like this, that they had power unlike anything he's ever seen before and that nothing could do what he feared. He slowly opened a large black door at the end of a long white hallway. There was a big brown desk and nothing else in this large room other than three bodies laying around that appeared to be dragged to this room. The body of the boy's father sat in the desk's chair as his body appeared to be dissinagrating into blue dust. A woman on top of the desk in a soft white dress that was stained in her own blood was also dissinagrating, this was the boys mother. The last body was on the other end of the room. The boy quickly realised this was his bother. The boy ran to him and kneeled beside his brother and noticed the large whole in his brothers chest. The boys brother was still alive but he didn't have the strength to talk. The boy cried as his eyes turned red with pity and sorrow. The boy turned his view out the large window at the side of the room as he watched the rain fall hard and he felt a small twinge of Regret and hate.

Chapter 1:

The sun was begining to set on a nice beach view. The water was so deeply blue and the sand appeared so animated that it could have been a very beautiful painting. Nearby there was a large cliff that cut off and fell straight down to the beach. On the top of this grass covered cliff, there was a teenaged girl and boy that was taller than her but seemed to look around her age. They were both sitting near eachother with their school stuff close behind them. The girl had long blonde hair that was very princess like and a very cute small face with a button nose and very clear grey skin. The Girls eyes were blue, but the boys eyes were a soft green. The boy had long-ish brown hair that waved violently as the wind picked up, he was also very handsome.

"Dein, I know its none of my bussiness... But before you moved here, where did you come from?" The Girl asked as she turned here head to the boy, whose name was Dein.

"Karen... you know I've been here for two years now. I don't see why its so important to you now and more so than a year ago." Dein didn't look in Karen's direction, he didn't need to. He could just sense that the girls cute facw
was matched by a cute little frustated frown since he evaded the question.

"C'mon Dein! I just wanna know." Karen replied, she was still looking at Dein's face while hers started to blush.

"I'm sorry, but I left my past behind when I came here. So please, don't make me think about it." Dein's eyes rested on a small black cloud out in the distance. His eyes narrowed and displayed a deep resentment for even starting to remember that night.

"Whatever Dein, I'll just remember this the next time you need me to help you with school activities." Karen pouted and folded her arms as she swung her head in the opposite direction. Dein turned his view from the cloud to Karen and gave a small grin.

"You are looking more and more like a princess every day..." Dein didn't say this out loud, but thought it about the very attractive young woman sitting next to him. He chuckled out loud and stood, turning to pick up his stuff and begin to walk away. The end of the cliff shoots ouf from a large lush forest and it makes a lot of rustling noises as the wind blows through often.

Dein was used to walking through the forest, it was starting to get dark and he had nothing to be afraid of. He kept walking, he'd shortly be to a small path way that actaully lead to an abandoned cabin that Dein made his home. With the help of the towns folk and some influences from his Past, Dein got the old trashed Cabin turned into a decent home with a shower and electricity. Dein sighed as he kept walking through the forest. The strong shade in this forest with but the tiniest cracks of light from the sun-sight peeking though, any body who didn't travel regurally through here would easilly mistaken it for night or not to long before it.

Dein stopped walking suddenly. He noticed a shady figure that he recognised. The figure stepped out of the shadows with a grin, it appeared to be a man. This man seemed to be pleased at how easilly Dein caught him this time. The man had long silver hair and a red light to his eyes. He was about a foot taller than Dein and Dein was almost the tallest boy in his class. This man was clean shaven and he had pale white skin that seemed to match with his devilishly handsome good looks. He lifted his face to Dein and began to speak in a deep voice that seemed to have spoken through experience. This experience had been accumulated over this man's very long lasting life. "Lord Dein, it's only been 20 years... are you sure you can really be at peace with the death of your father, Lord Rain and your mother, lady Marralyn?"

Dein shook his head and he looked to the ground so his eyes were covered by his hair. "The only death I'm still greiving is my brothers... None of the others ever tried to over me their condolences over his death. His lost seemed to mean nothing to anyone but myself. This is why I'm not moving on... I'll find his killer and destroy everything it held dear. You understand? Joseph?" Dein looked up, his eyes seemed to have changed to a deeper and darker red.

Joseph nodded. While being much older than Dein and having more experinece, Joseph still had to respect Dein because Dein was a pure-blood, something so rare and so strongly respected in any circumstance. "Yes, I understand fully. But please don't over exert yourself. I'm still grieving the lose as well, and I'm still regretting that I wasn't there to fight along their side against their assailent, whatever it was." Joseph tried to admit how much he regretted his decision to take his vacation. How foolish he was to leave his masters side for even a week. Dein just nodded. "If you need me, I'll always be near-by." And with his Closing state-ment, Joseph dissappeared and Dein continued his lonely walk with his back-pack hanging over one shoulder and his white dress shirt partly unbuttoned.

Chapter 2:

The Rain blanketted the the roof of Dein's house while he sat in his bath water. He normally took a shower, but he felt weak and thought that a hot tub of water rather than warm spraying water would be much more easier for him to relax in. Dein had two bathrooms. This one had a sink, white tile flooring and walls with a White studded roof and a small light in the middle of the roof. This room also had a shower in the corner and the Bath tub in the adjacent corner opposite of the door. The Other bathroom had only a sink, butter-milk colored tile flooring and a white studded roof, however, instead of a Shower and a bath tub, it only has a toilet.

Dein stood and got out of the bath water. He was only dripping and nude in the tub for a second before he grabbed his towel and stepped out, wrapping it around himself. He continued to walk for the door and opened it slowly, turning the light off and standing in the door-way as he listened to the water drain. Just the sound of it seemed to carry his worries and self-loathing away. Dein slowly began to walk out to his living room as he heard a knock at the door.

Dein turned and walked to the door with an expressionless face. Knocks didn't usually come to that door. Visitors often know Dein enough to just step inside, knowing that Dein keeps the door unlocked. Dein just lets his head shake slightly to display his own emotion like he'd always do. As the door opened, 4 new people he doesn't recognise stood at his door and they were in front of Joseph. Three of these new people were boys and one was a girl. One of the three boys had shifty red hair and a wild grin across his face, he was built like a body builder. Another of the boys was around Dein's hieght with soft blond hair and light blue eyes, he appeared friendly with a small smile. The last of the boys was nearest to the door, he had long-ish brown hair but it was lighter than Dein's, and this boy was shorter than him while displaying no emotions on his face. The girl was in the back with long blond hair and her skin was whiter than snow.

Dein did his best to try to remember these differences as he knew they'd soon present their names. The Built-looking red-head with his goofy grin had walked closer to Dein and offered his hand as he spoke. "Hello, Dein. I would be more than greatful if you accepted me into your home. I am Spike Yoru, son of sir Kyle and miss Trisha." Dein nodded as he shook Spike's hand and gestured him in. Spike walked past him as his grin widdened as if being allowed inside Dein's home would some how lighten the already bright mood this man was in. Dein wasn't sure of it till now, but each of these new people were aristocat/ higher leveled Vampires.

The boy with Blonde hair and light blue eyes stepped in front of Dein as the last one did. Dein didn't notice it up till now, but the boy's soft smile came with an almost perfect bright skin. "Lord Dein, It would be a honor for you to allow me into your home. My name is Alexander, I am the Son of the Late Sir Kenpai of the Senate." Dein nodded and patted Alexanders shoulder as the boy stepped inside.

The Next of the new group was the woman with long blonde hair. She stepped infront of Dein and he could tell that she started to blush a little before speaking. "Lord Dein, Its alright if you don't remember me. We used to play at the park back in our home town so long ago. I am Rose Akamai, Daughter of Head Senate, Maki Akamai and Lady Rosane. May I join your house-hold as well?" Dein nodded and gestured her in with his left arm.

The last of the new four was the light brown haired boy. He moved his very thin body to Dein and started to speak, even the beggining was very awkward. "I-I'm sorry, Lord Dein. It's hard for me to speak when I'm around someone new... I beg you to overlook this small flaw... I am deeply sorry to carry this burdan and ask to live with you without being as polite as the others. My name is Daimon." Dein nodded, this time with a small noticable grin and patted Daimon's back as they both stepped into the house. Dein geastured for Joseph to follow inside, but Joseph bowed and took his leave. Dein rolled his eyes quickly before joining his four new guests in his living room. Spike, Alexander and Daimon sat on the couch and Rose sat in the comfortable chair.

Dein walked in front of the Television that was off and had his eyes scan the four. Spike shot right up and stood straight as if given a command. "Does Lord Dein need a seat? If so, please allow me to offer the place I have sat in."

"That is okay. Please, just be comfortable while I figure where each of your will be sleeping." Dein's voice was so very calm at the moment and he spoke with absolute politness. Spike immeadiately returned to his seat. They all looked up at him with respect. Dein didn't feel like he deserved it, but he's grown with it. "I won't ask why you all wish to move in with me. However, while you are here there are very few rules I will enforce. These are the obvious, don't bother making me go over them. Rose, and Alexander, you will be taking the guest beds. Daimon, you will be sleeping on this couch and Spike, you will be taking the guest couch in Alexander's new room. There is plenty of bed fittings for you all in the large closet to my left. Is this easily understandable?"

"Yes, Lord Dein!" They all respondend at the same time. Dein hoped he'd grow fond of them, or they'd start to become like real people to him instead of pawns in a game of Kiss-up to the Pure blood.

Chapter 3:

Dein took a seat in Rose's chair as they all left to make their beds. Rose was the first to leave as the boys let her pass frist and pick her bedding materials first. She left the closet with red soft sheets and a very thin blanket with two nice pillows. Spike followed soon after with whatver he grabbed first. Alexander took his time. He chose an all green bedding. Daimon just shut the door behind Alexander and followed the group as the all took the shaky stairs up to the guest rooms. Spike diverged from the group and thre his things on the couch. "Lord Dein... I remember watching you from the party as your parents, yourself and your brother decdended the stairs. I hope it isn't to much to bring up..." Spike didn't want to discomfort Dein, but he had something to say.

"I've matured some, since that night. Please, go on." Dein leaned back into the strangely comfortable chair.

"Well. It's just that... I wanted to be your best-friend, since that moment. I begged and begged my parents to move to where you lived so I could just hang out with you. But they couldn't do it. so, now that I am older. I would be happy just to get a chance of being your best friend. I hope my thoughts don't sound weird." Spike spoke while he fixed the couch to his proper bedding and sat on it.

"I bet if you try hard enough and understand many things about others. Than you should make plenty friends here." Dein responded as he stood and walked to the Kitchen. Dein walked in to find Daimon leaning against the counter, near the coffee machine.

"Excuse my rudness. But may I please make some coffee?" Daimon looked straight into Dein's eyes with a small grin.

"Go for it." Dein patted Daimon's shoulder before walking to the laundry room and grabbing some soft and smooth night clothing. He returned to see that Daimon has set his bags on the counter with one open and a certain kind of coffee bean that has been blended and placed in the coffee maker. It smelled kinda sweet while it was being brewed.

Dein Kept walking and walked back into the living room to find Spike already asleep. "How odd. Us Vampires are nocturnal from instinct and also have been raised and groomed to sleep in the day. Yet this Spike boy has seemed to gotten around it quite easilly. I envy him, and I adore this house you have Lord Dein. Thank you again for welcoming my stay. If you don't mind, I wish to prepare breakfest for us all tomorrow." Alexander spoke from the railing on the next floor. The Railing surrounded the living room with four hallways branching off of it.

"I welcome you into this house-hold, not only because it's polite. But I've been without other vampires for a while now. You can't count Joseph, he's always been my butler of sorts. So take your stay at ease and don't think you are burdening me by living here." Dein started to step up the stairs. He walked past Alexander and noticed a small ftown on the boys face. Dein took a few more steps and he was facing away from Alexander, however, Dein's voice was a cheerful one. "I like my eggs scrambled with a piece of cheese on them. I rather it only half melted with diced strawberrys and syrup covering the top." Alexander grinned as Dein kept walking straight into a hallway that branched off from the railing that surrounded the living room.

He kept walking as there was no light and his sight allowed proper vision without it. He stopped at the normal, plain white door that lead into Rose's new room. Dein knocked on the door and waited for a response. The door opened immeadiately with Rose holding the door and her right palm flat on the outside of the door as she slowly opens it all the way. "Lord Dein." She said in a polite and practiced manor, even giving a small bow. Dein's head tilted and he gently pat Rose's head. Rose's eyes grew wide and she looked up at Dein with a surprised look.

"Get some rest, you need to get into a human sleeping habit before you attend their school after this weekend. I don't want you getting to school tired and risk getting hurt." Dein said in an almost engrossingly polite way. Rose nodded and started to walk to her bed that she had made, Dein shut the door behind her and walked back out to the railing with a grin. Alexander looked at Dein with a small puzzled look.

Dein Stopped in front of Alexander. Alexander was leaning agains the end of the Railing's wall and to his right was the stairs. "Do you have something on you mind, Alexander?" Dein asked, he tryed his best to make it sound friendly.

"I-its nothing, Lord Dein. I guess I should be heading of to bed as well." Alexander grinned at Dein and walked off to his room.

Dein Sighed and leaned over the railing. "I don't know what is greater... The possibility that this could be fun, or, Just how troublesome this might be..." Dein's voice came at a soft bored expression as he turned and made his way to his room.

Dein's eyes slowly opened. He smelled good food and a strange sweetness in the air. It wasn't blood, Dein was sure. But he didn't want to fall back asleep with the four new vampires in his house, this town. He couldn't trust any of them, not yet. He staggered his way up and made his day out of the door and down the stairs. He noticed none of the vampires were still in bed.
Chapter 4:

As Dein stepped into the Kitchen, there were four chairs at his table with Rose, Spike and Daimon all sitting in the three all the way to the other side. Dein took the Empty chair with no other chair next to it and he was a little confused.

"Good morning, Lord Dein! I'm so glad you are awake now. What do you do for fun on these weekends?" Spike asked. His red Hair as a mess but he was smiling so hard his eyes were shut.

"Hello. Spike. I normally-" Dein started talking, but cut himself off. He was about to say, ' I normally go down to Karen's house.', but that wasn't proper. "You see, there isn't much to do around here. Maybe I can ask the Principle to let me give you four a tour of the school."

Spike nodded, he wasn't so interested but Rose appeared to like the idea. "Lord Dein, I would be very happy to have that moment with you." Rose spoke up, and Daimon nodded in agreement.

"Then this is settled. I'll give the Principle a call in a few hours. After breakfest, everyone prepare for a day out in the town." Dein finished speaking as Alexander walked in with two plates of food, nodding to the request at the same time the others did. Dein was starting to enjoy his little posse.

"Here you go, Lord Dein, I made you those eggs you like. And Daimon offered everyone a try of his Coffee. and here you go Spike, I made you Bacon." Alexander set the plates in front of Spike and Dein. Dein just now noticing there were five coffee cups on the table that were prepared with the same sweet smelling coffee that Daimon made last night.

Daimon and Rose only sipped their coffee as Alexander returned with a giant boneless steak on his plate with a fork and a Knive. Dein gave Alexander a Puzzled look. Alexander closed his eyes with a softer smile. "I'm sorry Lord Dein. Is it okay if I have such a large portion of meat for breakfast?" Dein clossed his eyes and looked away with his lips straight. "I-I'm sorry I didn't ask first, I won't do this again I promi-"

"I was kidding, Alexander. Eat as you wish. But you will be doing all the dishes." Dein grinned slightly as he took a bite of his specially prepared scrambled eggs. The rest of first half of breakfast was quite as Spike set his head on his left palm, his left elbow had been rested on the table. Spike's eyes were riddled with jealousy at the size and tastiness of Alexander's steak. Dein thought the poor big bad vampire was about to weep, but spike sat straight up with his plate and fork, heading down a hallway to were the sink, stove and refigerater were.

"Lord Dein. Would it be okay if I ask you about what happened, where you went... why you left, for those 18 years?" Rose asked. She appeared more interested in Dein than her coffee. She took another sip before she perked her lips on the side of her cup and gave Dein a cute look, along the same interested but shy look she used to throw his way back when they used to play together at the park.

"That request would not be okay. I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye. But I really can't tell you, so please... If you want to ask something else, than feel free." Dein responded, finishing up his eggs and setting his fork down.

"Thats all, I'm sorry." Rose looked away.

"Don't be, you wouldn't have known without asking. And we did play often at that park. It'd only be natural to worry." Dein sat his palm on Roses shoulder. Daimon looked over at Alexander.

"So, Alex. I've heard you did a little modeling over the past year. Your sister told me that they make you do just the most random sexually awkward poses. Oh, and your father told me that the lady who takes your pictures might have crush on you?" Daimon spoke like the others did this time, with no awkawrdness.

"Yes, my Father knows the kind of guy she likes and I fit the bill quite well. Its, weird. But my Father refused to pay for my trip here no matter how much I begged him to let me stay with Lord Dein. The pay was just good enough for the things I need and my ride here." Alex responded quickly before devouring the rest of his steak.

"Daimon, do you know Alexander?" Dein asked, he tried to offer a small grin. Spike came back into the room and took his seat again.

"Yes, my Father and his were cousins. We used to play together as children." Alexander chose to respond. Daimon only looked down at the table with a small frown, it was very obvious how uncomfortable he was. Dein nodded to Alexander and stood to leave, Rose looked up at him as he turned away.

"Thank you for the eggs, Alexander. Thank you for your time." Dein added as he left. Rose stood and followed Dein out the door as Spike, Daimon and Alexander remain at the table with a gloomy frown on each of their faces.

Dein walked past the living room and walked into the bathing room. The light was off as he sat in the tiled corner. Rose slowly opened the door and stepped in, closing the door behind her. She was breathing sightly different than before. Dein leaned against the corner with his back straight. Rose stood near Dein, he couldn't tell till the tears fell on his clothes that she was crying.

"Rose I-" Dein begain to speak, just before Rose sat in his lap. "You really did miss me..." Dein whispered, his face getting closer to Rose's neck as his lips parted and fangs slowly pierced Rose's neck.

Chapter 5

Dein, Spike, Rose, Alexander and Daimon all walked out of the lush forest and right on to a tar driving lot. They were near the School that Dein had atteneded for two years now. It was only the start of the third year. This is the place where Dein had met and befriended Karen. The students here often used him to symbolize most of the things they do. He was voted for class president, without running for it. The school's year book has had his face on it for the past two years. Everything these students do seems to be mean't to annoy him.

Dein stepped towards the school first. The others followed around him. Rose stood behind Dein to his right, closely. Daimon was in the back left and Alexander stood ahead to the left. Spike was walking ahead of all of them, his tall legs and eagerness to prove himself to Dein had been large factors in his giant steps.

They got closer to the side of the school and went around the rest of it to notice a large front entrance with a man standing in the center of it waiting for them. The man had short white hair and a very young face, his body was tall and thin.

"Good evening, Yamare. These are my friends that will be enrolling in this school starting tomorrow." Dein spoke to Yamare who was the school Princible and ultimately the only reason Dein felt safe moving in here.

"Always so well spoken and polite. I've enjoyed your enrollment in this school for the past years. And if your friends are anything like you, then I get the feeling this will be the best school year that I have prticipated in over my years of education." Yamare responed without moving his rather pale, young looking face much. He was much older than he looked and understood just what Dein was.

"As we discussed over the phone, I would like to show these four around this school." Dein reminded Yamare about his intentions that were previously discussed over the phone the other day. Yamare nodded and let Dein inside. The Others followed around him using the other doors.

"Thank goodness this school has so much space and such a small student body! I could hardy twitch being all cramped up in that smaller mansion you call a cabin!" Spike said loudly with a grin as he spread his arms and moved in large round movemnts.

"You shouldn't act so rude, Spike! Especially around Lord Dein!" Rose informed the big oaf.

Spike turned around and sighed. "I am so sorry Lord Dein."

"Now apalogize to Rose for making her have to raise her voice on your behalf!" Dein ordrered.

"I'm sorry Rose." Spike responded before turning away, embaressed. Dein kept walking and the rest of the group started following.

"So tell me, Lord Dein. What is your favorite class?" Alexander asked. Dein met Alexander eye to eye.

"Biology." Dein's words came soft and slowly. Alexander nodded and they moved along. All 5 of them stopped infront of a large white door and Spike looked torwards Dein. Dein nodded, so Spike opened the door to a large room with many chairs and desks that had been seppereated into rows. Each row going back from the teachers desk had ascended like stairs. Dein sat at the teacher's desk and the 4 vampires that followed him had all taken seats as the felt comfortable. Spike and Alexander sat next to each other in the front, Rose sat in the way back and Daimon too a random seat in the middle to the far right.

"Lets make this a little lesson... I have a few things to ask you all about." Dein grinned as he stood. He drew a large circle on the chalk board and then put a line straight down through it. Dein wrote 'Pure blood' in the right side of the circle in very small lettering. "Based on this diagram, what words would be best suited to fit the other side?"

"Everyone else?" Spike asked, his eyes wide and he held another feral grin.

"Close, Anyone else wanna guess? Dein asked of the four as if he was the teacher.

"Uhm, other Vampires?" Alexander tryed to answer, but Dein shook his head with a small smile.

"Humans?" Rose asked.

"Yes, Humans go here. the first person to guess exactly why will get out of doing dishes next week."

"Uhm, ..." Alexnder started, but he didn't get it.

"Is it because, ugh..." Even Rose was trying, but didn't seem to find the answer.

"That diagram was built to deisplay exctly who was the Pure-bloods." Daimon answered, this was a teacher thing. Without eye contrac.

"Yes, that is it. Alright class, lets wrap this up and-" Dein was talking cool and calm when he was cut off but a scream. It was coming from the halls. Dein darted out the door, much much faster than the others. He saw Karen being pushed against a wall by a man in a dark cloak and he was about to bite into her neck. Dein was hit by shock, his eyes fell to what was in Karen's left hand. Alexander stepped out and he was about to attack the vampire man, But Dein stopped him with one hand.

"Why-" Alexander was about to say when a few gun-shots were fired off and the Vampire man fell back and became dust. Karen wiped off some of the dust from the dead Vampire with her right hand, because she held an anti-vampire hand-gun.

"Karen, are you okay?" Dein took a few shaky steps closer to Karen who was carefully breathing slower and slower.

"Dein? I'm sorry you had to see that... I'm sorry I didn't tell you what I do, either." Karen said, finally get a grasp on her breath. "You see..." She held up the Hand-gun in accordence to what she was saying. "I hunt vampires."

"O-oh... Well, We were just leaving." Dein said and the others followed him as they walked around her and continued on out of the school and back home.

Chapter 6:

"It is monday morning. In about an hour, Daimon, Rose, Alexander, Spike and Myself will be heading of for school. I am doing my morning thinking that I normally do to get my mind on track every morning. Recently, I have taken in four young vampires around my age. I've also ran into another disturbing factor. Sweet, small, gentle, Karen had been a vampire hunter this whole time. Young Karen. Foolish Karen. Cute Karen. My Karen." Dein Stopped thinking to himself and sat up in bed. Judging by the smell of female shampoo coming from the shower in the room just below Dein's, Dein could tell that Rose was the one currently taking a shower.

The door peeked open just a bit as Daimon's left eye peeked through the small crack to find Dein awake. The door continued to open further as Daimon stood int the doorway. "Alexander s-says that... Well... ugh, breakfast is ready!" Daimon turned and walked away. Dein scratched his head lightly as he stood off of his bed and walked to his closet to grab a towel.

On his way down the stairs he saw Spike laying shirtless on the couch with the shirt he intends to wear, around his neck and on his torso like how jocks might hold their towels sometimes in the locker rooms. Dein directed his attention to each step that he took on his way down into the living room. The shower water stopped running and Dein could hear each step Rose took to her towel and then to the door of the Bathroom. Dein made his way to a comfy chair near the couch.

"Good morning Lord Dein. I feel so anxious about being stuck in a room with so many young human woman." Spike's eyes slowly grew open with a grin.

"Don't get so excited yet. It gets better." Dein spoke slowly.

"I mean... I bet the whole room would feel like it's vibrating from so many heart beats..." Spike sat up. Near the end of his words, he started poking one of his fangs with his left thumb.

"It tends to feel that way at first." Dein responded. Rose came out of the bathroom and into the Living room, she stood bye the Television as she used her second towel to drew her hair, and her first to cover her pale beautiful body. Dein stood and started walking through the living room.

"How do you control yourself?" Spike asked, his eyes were wide and his lips curled up the sides.

"I don't." Dein said this like there wasn't a reason to care about anything. Rose turned torwards him with a confused look. She watched his back as he walked to the bathroom door and stepped inside. She started to take a step in his direction when the door shut. She returned to her previous stance with her eyes displaying confusion and a frown.

"What's wrong, Rose? Was it something I said?" Spike asked, his face changed back to his normal lively grin, and bright eyes. Even though his mouth was shut, his fangs were still appearent.

"You know, this is the one and only time so far that you have ever asked me about how I feel." Rose spoke like everything was facts and statistics.

"What is your point?" Spike sat back and let his head roll back.

"It'd be in your best interest to not aim for a second time." Rose didn't let emotion change the matter-of-fact way she spoke to Spike. She wasn't hidding the way she thought of Spike, as an idiot. She kept walking to her room.

Daimon and Alexander both were talking in the kitchen. The took seats on both ends of the small stand where Daimon rested his coffee.

"How well are you resting, Daimon?" Alexander's voice was that of a well-manored, young rich-boy.

"Fairly well. I guess it's weird being so close to him. I didn't want to remind Lord Dein, but he saved me this one time. We used to live close. You remember all that? My parents couldn't stop yapping how the pure-blood boy stopped me from jumping off a building head first. I was a little hot-headed about it and often got tempermental with them whenever they brought it up. But now that I look back on it, its silly." Daimon spoke just like Alexander did. These two were kept together often and were raised by people who were very alike.

"Why don't you try talking to him?" Alexander took Daimon's Coffee and sipped from it, they always did use to share drinks.
"It's weird. I feel like a mouse, talking to a cat. Like one wrong thing and I'll be devoured. How do you deal with that?" Daimon took his drink back right after Alexander sat it down.

"I feel like Myself and Dein are on the same page. I know I can't compare the lose of my little sister to a sudden lose of a whole family. But my parents always dropped me on your parents whenever they felt like going out for weeks on end. And you saw it as well as I, that your parents never really showed me any love. In a way, Dein and I might be a little similer. At least that is the way I like to look at it." Alexander stood and walked to the bacon he was cooking for Spike, moving it around with his fork.

Chapter 7:

Rose, Daimon, Spike, Alexander and Dein were all on their way through the forest to get to school. Each being in the school uniform, which is strange in this area. Around these parts it was rare for a public school to have a school uniform. Spike darted around with his well-trained speed to catch and kill insects and spiders. Dein watched Spike as he managed to do a full rotation around the group and keep up while savoring the kill of such small creatures.

Alexander couldn't stand Spike acting this way. But he was to polite and to courteous around Dein to actually speak up. Dien's eyes drifted from Spike to Daimon as he noticed Daimon taking a particularly long look at Rose's skirt. Dein let his head fall forward and his hair drift into his eyes, just before they reached the end of the trail. He quickly turned and wrapped his arms around Rose.

"Rose... I know this isn't your first school experience. But, promise me you'll play nice... okay?" Dein wasn't trying to mean anything by the sentence. He was just hoping to geting Daimon's eyes out of his mind and hoped the hug would keep the other vampires from hitting on Rose while they were around him. He was still so unsure about what his feelings were.

"Lord Dein, I-..." Rose couldn't get the words out, she was lighting up like a tomato and she didn't want to sound stupid because she knew that she'd stutter.

"Hush... It's all right, I trust you." Dein patted the back of Rose's head as he let go and walked much further ahead from the group. The sound of the frivolous young girls recognising Dein from so far away could be heard. Severel women simply lost control of their screems when they saw him from far away. Being so naturally alluring, cute, strong and polite. Dein just attracted almost any girl that'd foolishly give him a second glance.

Daimon and Alexander were soon to follow as the crowd went wild with cheers. They've never really seen any other vampire besides Dein, and just because they were convinced these people were human, didn't mean that they wouldn't grovel over their mysterious good looks. Dein just shook his head at this and continued into class. His seat being near the middle, in the large row of seats.

Spike and Alexander had entered the room quickly. Spike taking the seat on Dein's right and Alexander taking the seat on Dein's left. Soon the large room became packed with many students in this class. "There are 4 class sets, each student belonging to two of these. Each set holds 4 classes and one half of the student body. Today is a class set 1 day, there are two of these with Daimon and Rose in the other. Tomorrow will be a class set 2 day and I will have Rose and Alexander with me on these days." Dien spoke to Spike and Alexander, mostly to Spike.

Spike just nodded as the Teacher walked in. She was a short and thin Asian woman who still looked kinda filled-in and generally pretty nice looking. She was also quite young for your average teacher. "Class, I would like you to greet these two new students. They are friends of Dein's." The teacher spoke and the class followed. The greetings all came quite cheerfully and Spike grinned wildly with a wave. Alexander gave his usual soft smile but he also poped his right index finger and thumb up like a hand-gun and pointed it to the prettiest looking normal girl and winked. This girl immeadiately grew red faced and nearly fainted, her long black hair waving in the wind as her friends helped her from falling out of her chair.

Dein nearly chuckled at this before he realised that Spike and Alexander has never heard or seen him be amused before, and he decided to keep it this way.

"Yo, Dein... What do I do if I don't have a pencil?" Spike turned to Dein as he spoke, while giving an innocent look.

"We can share mine." Dein gave a small grin, soon to notice that one of the girls, Candice, stood infront of Spike's desk with a small smile on her face. Her soft and short jet-black hair appeared to have a little air-waving moment as her brown eyes shined and her clear face maintaned some color.

"Here, you can have this one." She handed the pencil to spike with a small grin. She was on the smaller end, but nothing weird for the normal. However, when compaired to Spike's hulking sized, she almost appeared to be a cute little mouse.

"Hehe, thanks!" Spike thanked Candice with a small smile and a little head-tilt as he blinked. His eyes obviously searching heres. Alexander and Dein both looked off to the side and pretended to gag at the same time. Candice returned Spike's smile with her own growing a bit and her cheeks starting to blush. She turned to walk back to her seat, which wasn't more than 3 seats behind Spike's.

Spike turned in Dein and Alexander's direction and just shook his head with a smile. The class began and continued on in a normal fashion. Dein's eyes scanned the room, he felt hungry.

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PostSubject: Re: Vampire Knights (Tittle TBA)   Vampire Knights (Tittle TBA) EmptyTue Jun 21, 2011 9:14 pm

I suppose it's pretty good, and yep, spelling and grammar are bad. But I understanded the concept. Uh, yeah, pretty good.
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Decided to read it. I kinda like it but it would be so much easier if it was a movie. xD

Chapter 2:
I like how you presented the new characters. It gave them more "character" and they are all kiss-asses. =D
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Kakashi Hatake wrote:
Decided to read it. I kinda like it but it would be so much easier if it was a movie. xD

Chapter 2:
I like how you presented the new characters. It gave them more "character" and they are all kiss-asses. =D

I'm glad you comment. The way you feel about the charaacters being presented is great... =3
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I'll try helping with the spelling and grammar errors later. I'm said to be good at story-telling at school O_o

Also, I'll do a proper criticizing at Friday. I'll probably be really harsh, but I'll try my best.
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Updated to Chapter 6.

Soon I will need to do Grammer and Spelling corrections.
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Chapter 7 Added.

Comments would be appreciated here if I'm not found in the chat.
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